Maggie Buggie

Before Maggie Buggie joined SAP as Global Head of Innovation Services and Solutions, she analysed the company’s executive board to ensure women were represented at the highest level of leadership. What she saw assured her that SAP took diversity and inclusion seriously and that it actively supported and promoted equality in the workplace.

Passionate, tenacious, and, in her own words, "a little bit wild", Maggie was brought up to believe that she could be anything she wanted to be. When asked to join SAP’s senior leadership team, she had just had her second child, a factor that may have held other people back from making a bold career move. However, Maggie saw an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

As Global Head of Innovation Services and Solutions, Maggie leads an organization that collaborates with SAP customers in their digital transformation and drives the adoption of intelligent technologies that take businesses to the next level. A powerful advocate of diversity, she believes that SAP offers immense opportunities for individuals to define their career path in a supportive and flexible environment.

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