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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Using GPT to fuel Seismic Knowledge

Once upon a time, a sales team was using AI to help them with their sales enablement. They were impressed with the AI’s ability to analyze data, predict sales trends, and even generate reports.

One day, the sales team decided to let the AI take the lead on an important pitch. The AI confidently walked into the meeting and started presenting the pitch. Everything was going smoothly until the AI hit a joke about sales.

The room was silent for a moment, then the AI asked, “Why did the salesperson cross the road?”

The room was still silent, and the AI answered, “To get to the other quarter.”

Everyone in the room groaned, but the AI was oblivious. It continued with another joke, “Why did the salesperson wear sunglasses to work?”

The room was silent again, and the AI answered, “Because the brightness of their future was too much to handle.”

Everyone in the room started laughing, and the pitch went on without a hitch. The AI may not have been the best at telling jokes, but it sure helped close the deal.

From that day on, the sales team made sure to always have the AI tell a joke at the start of their pitches. They found that it helped break the ice and put their clients at ease. And even though the jokes were terrible, they couldn’t help but laugh every time.

How Seismic uses AI/ML

If you haven’t caught on just yet, the above copy was generated by ChatGPT, the AI-generated language model that’s garnered a lot of attention online and in the media. And while we don’t foresee using artificial intelligence (AI) to write our content in the near future (never say never), we appreciate the attention that ChatGPT is bringing to AI. 

Two years ago we introduced Seismic Aura, a first-of-its-kind AI/ML engine purpose-built to generate intelligent insights and recommendations for sellers in their moment of need. Since then, we’ve remained committed to our vision for AI/ML in sales enablement and today, we’re excited to share details about our latest product innovation. 

Seismic Knowledge is a just-in-time enablement solution that provides teams with faster access to answers, documentation, and assets right in their flow of work. We recently integrated a leading multi-billion parameter GPT model into the tool, which is self-hosted on Seismic’s servers for scalability and customer privacy. 

How we’re integrating a GPT model

We’re using a GPT machine learning model – not to create poems, though, that’s cool – but to extract relevant keywords from customer questions, so we can perform a search and provide answers in real-time. 

The language model is so valuable because it complements the technology behind Knowledge and effectively works alongside client-facing teams. Because it’s a generative language model, it can rewrite sentences to best perform searches on behalf of users. For example, if a word is misspelled or a user inputs an acronym, the AI can correct spelling errors and expand acronyms to deliver the best results. 

So far, our integration has delivered significant results. Since implementing GPT, we’ve seen an enormous 3.5X increase in click-through rates on content, answers, or training delivered by Seismic Knowledge. Our latest AI integration makes Seismic Knowledge even better at enabling client-facing teams and putting time back into their day to support deals and customers. 

Thinking about what’s next

Over the past couple of years, Seismic has made a strategic commitment to investing in AI/ML capabilities. The latest Knowledge integration is another step in our larger vision for AI in our platform and the broader enablement ecosystem. 

AI and ML will transform how sales enablement impacts enablers, learners, and sellers. Beyond the immediate impact on information retrieval that we’ve experienced through our use of GPT-J in Seismic Knowledge, AI will also touch every user flow.

As we continue to implement new uses of AI/ML, we encourage you to follow this space. We’re excited about the potential of this moment and what we have in store for the near future. 

If you’d like to learn more about Seismic Knowledge or other intelligent features of the Seismic Enablement Cloud, get a demo today.